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5 Rules To Never Get Injured In The Gym

May 3, 2016 Injury prevention and rehabilitation dragana

5 rules never to get injured in the gym

You want to start training but don’t want to get injured?
Than you must read this 5 tips on staying injury free while working out!

1. Progress Gradually

First mistake almost all beginners make is trying to do too many things too soon.
One of the key things to do when you start working out is to find out what is the appropriate amount of intensity for your current level of fitness and to slowly progress from there.
Too big increasment in the training intensity and in the total amount of work done can exceed the capacity of your tissues to adapt and injury can occur.

Don’t increase training difficulty level too quickly. Your training needs to be progressed steadily at a gradual pace. Following a structured plan that increases your activity incrementally and safely can help you stay healthy and injury free.

2. Warm Up – ALWAYS!

The second mistake the beginners make is skipping on warm ups.
Preparing for the work out is equally important as the workout itself.
With the good warm up you are preparing your body to perform with a greater level of efficiency during the workout and you are substantially reducing the risk of any possible injury.
The heat you create during the warm up causes physical changes in connective tissues that make them more pliable.
Decreasing the muscle stiffness improve your range of motion and decrease the risk for muscle tissue to be teared apart.

Every good warm up should consist of activities that increases body temperature, improve active range of motion in the working joints, and increase neuro muscular coordination, preparing every body system for the activity that is going to happen in the main part of the workout.

3. Learn The Technique

Many overuse injuries are attributed to doing repetitive movements with poor technique.

This can cause excessive pressure to be applied to particular joints or muscles which can contribute to an injury.
This training mistake is often accompanied with the mistake of not progressing gradually with your intensity.
And increasing your intensity too soon on a top of already poor movement technique is a perfect recipe for potential injury to occur.

If you are new with exercising or if you have been working out for some time but your movement technique still lacks, devote some time first to learn the basic movements on a proper way with your bodyweight before you add any load.
When you learn how to perform exercises correctly you are not just going to reduce the injury risk, you are going to increase the movement efficiency, progressing much faster and much safer in your workouts.

4. Train All Muscle Groups Equally

Most of the gym goers have certain preferences regarding the muscle groups they like or dislike to train.
Most males love to train their chest and biceps and they mostly hate to train legs.
But what happens if you neglected some muscle groups over longer period of time?

1. You create muscle imbalances.
2. Lot of exercises for chest and too little for the back – you got shoulder injury.
3. Only quads and no hamstrings – you get knee problems.
4. Underdeveloped glute muscles- you can get knee and low back problems.

You got the picture?

If you are beginner in the gym try to incorporate exercises for every body movement with equal emphasize.

Do equal amount of push, pull, knee and hip dominant exercises and do something for your core.
Try not to neglect any, especially large muscle group and your joints will thanks you for that.

5. Have Enough Recovery

The last but not least important thing for you to remember is to have a proper recovery before your next workout starts.

Workout itself is a stressor for your body. During recovery body repairs, rebuilds new muscle tissue while increasing the overall work capacity. 
Without providing enough time for the recovery, at one point you will exceed the capacity of your tissues to adapt on the stress provided, and your injury risk will dramatically increase.

If you are beginner, 3 full body resistance training workouts with the full day break between them will be more than enough for your body to make an optimal progress while avoiding excessive fatigue.
Make sure you have enough sleep during the night and try to eat most of the time whole and minimally processed food rich in high quality protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates.
That way you will provide enough nutrients to support your recovery and secure optimal and what is most important – safe progress in the gym.

Milos Rankovic, personal trainer