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Why Ladies Should Train Differently to Men

April 18, 2016 Exercise dragana

RF ladies train differentlyRecommendations on how the woman should train have changed over the years. In the past many women were afraid of lifting weights in fear of developing the physique of Incredible Hulk. We can freely say that trend clearly changed and more and more woman now realize that strength...

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Exercise is Worthless for Fat Loss!

April 12, 2016 Exercise dragana

Exercise is worthless for fat loss!

How many times in your life have you started an exercise program, worked really hard for a couple of months just to realize that your body fat didn’t drop at all? How many people you know, friends or relatives that are exercisin...

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The Myth Of The”Fat Burning Zone”

March 1, 2016 Exercise dragana

- If you want to lose fat you need to do the slow steady aerobic training in the fat burning zone. Tell me, did you heard this advice before? This advice is one of the biggest misconceptions in the fat loss training. But first of all, let see ...

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