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  • Why would I choose Results Fitness rather than going to the gym?

    • It is convenient, customized and much more efficient: Results Fitness is coming to you.
    • You will be saving not only gas but the time as well.
    • No more driving through crowded Dubai roads.
    • No more, lockers, towels, or searching for a parking spot.
    • No more crowds or people watching you.
    • No more waiting in the line for workout machines.
    • No more disappointment for not getting result you deserve!

  • What areas you are covering?

    We are primarily focused on Arabian Ranches, Akoya, Mudon, Layan, Jumeirah Gulf Estates, Sports City, The Villa, JVC, Emirates Hills, Dubai Marina, JLT, Jumeirah, Meadows, Springs and The Lakes developments. However we are aiming to accommodate our Clients all over Dubai.

  • What if I like your approach to fitness but don’t want to work out from home?

    That is not a problem at all, our personal trainers are fully qualified and with big experience in working in gym settings, so they can come in your local gym or a park.

  • How can I get all the benefits of exercise without training in a gym?

    Of course you can.

    What many people don’t know is that an excellent workout can be done with very little space and minimal equipment. We have developed techniques and approaches that can be delivered at home, work or outdoors to give our customers unbelievable results
    Each Results Fitness Personal Trainer has been trained specifically to deliver sessions at home, and have come to be specialists in delivering highly versatile home or outdoors based workouts.

  • Do I need to have my own equipment?

    No. Our trainers are fully equipped with all the tools that will provide you with the most amazing workouts. We have mats, dumbbells, stability balls, resistance bands, boxing gear, body bars, Trx straps and kettlebells to name a few pieces of equipment. Remember, We Bring The Gym To You!

  • Do you charge for the initial visit?

    No. The first visit is free and includes the following:

    • Goal settings
    • Body composition assessment
    • Nutritional assessment
    • Fitness assessment
    • Trial session

  • Is there a membership fee?

    No. We do not have a membership fee. We only charge you for the training sessions. We offer a variety of payment packages for you to choose from that will fit into your budget.

  • How long are the training sessions?

    One training session is exactly one hour, it includes the warm up and movement preparation, main part of the workout and cool down. That provides you enough time to get your body working to achieve your desired goals. Coaches arrive 5-10 minutes before the session to set up the necessary equipment for that particular day you are training.

  • How often should I work out with my coach to get results?

    That depends on the goals you want to achieve and how fast you want to achieve them. It depends also from your free time to train. In Results Fitness we always recommend that for optimal results working out 3-4 times per week would be the optimal.

  • Do you provide diets for each client?

    Yes, we customize a sample nutritional program for each client upon signing up. We do provide more in depth nutritional coaching as well which are for a nominal fee.  At Results Fitness we believe that without proper nutrition it is almost impossible to achieve required fitness goals no matter how good your workout program is. This is why, for you to see the results you want, apart from having the great training program, you need to have the great nutritional program as well. Our nutritional programs are healthy and easy to follow and coupled with the personal training it makes it easy to lose weight, build muscle and feel great.

  • How fast will I see the results and achieve my goals?

    That depends on your goals, and your current fitness level. As a beginner you need to learn the exercises and the nutritional techniques to help you on your fitness mission. However with our motivation and your dedication we help you achieve your goals in the best possible time frame.

  • Can you come to my office too?

    Yes, we will train you right in your office at the time that best works for you.

  • What if I never worked out in my life?

    That’s not a problem at all. We welcome all individuals of all levels regardless of experience, age or ability.

    Our trainers have lots of experience working with beginners and we have developed a unique approach to take you from where you are to where you want to be in a most efficient and safest way possible.

  • How do I get started?

    Just fill out the contact form from the website or you can call us on. Our friendly staff will take your information and book you for a free initial consultation with one of our trainers.