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Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Post Rehabilitation – Bridging the Gap between Health Care and Fitness

Post-physical therapy exercise provides fitness services for clients who have completed physical therapy and are referred by their therapist to continue their plan of care.

This special program integrates fitness programming for special populations and clients with post-rehab conditions.

One of the most important things you can do following an injury is to participate in an approved physical rehabilitation program. But healing doesn’t end when the official physical therapy obligations are met. Physical therapy helped you get this far and you are now cleared to participate in an exercise program.

Unfortunately, you may not be where you were before the injury or illness – but we work together to get you as close to that level as possible.

We’ll help you use strength training to get the muscular strength you had before you were forced to take a break.

Improving fitness and health after physical therapy can help you avoid relapse and re-injury. We can help you every step of the way, coaching you and encouraging you when things get tough. We understand how important it is to live a “normal life” after recovery and we can help you get there! Our goal is to take over where your doctor or therapists left your treatment. We will work closely with them establishing the appropriate protocol and keeping them well informed during your entire post rehab sessions.

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