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What is the right age fitness activity for your child?

August 18, 2016 ExerciseHealthy lifestyle dragana

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Five years old kids have learned their physical skills like running, jumping, throwing and kicking and now is the time to refine and develop these skills and learn more difficult ones.

Support your child’s need to be active. Being fit builds self esteem, strength, develops muscles, motor and social skills and helps with overall health.

This guide might help you choose age-appropriate fitness activities for your kids.

1. Age 5 or younger

Preschoolers can play team sports like soccer, basketball, or T–ball. Any sport at this age should be about play.

2. Ages 6 to 8

Children have developed enough their skills to pass a soccer ball or basketball. They can also confidently pedal on a two wheeled bike. This is a perfect time to introduce different athletic and fitness-related activities to your kids.

3. Ages 9 to 11

Coordination between eyes and hands affect kids at this point. They are able to kick and accurately throw a ball and now is the time to encourage competition. Focus should not be on the winning but on the skill development and team work.

kids sport4. Ages 12 to 18

Kids may lose interest in sports entering puberty. Encourage physical activity and suggest healthy options – body-weight exercises like squats and push-ups, training with personal trainers – they will make the right fitness plan and provide an excellent support and guidance for their age.

It is never too early to encourage a love of physical activity in kids by participating in fun fitness activities and sports. If you build healthy foundation you will raise healthy children with healthy lasting habits.